Welcome to HEROIC.

This site was founded as a way for a humble wordsmith to build and showcase a portfolio of engaging content. It has since also become the banner about which I hope to rally a modest community of fans.

There was a time I thought I might be done with writing. But writing, it seems, wasn’t quite done with me. And so here we are.

Most of what you will find here is News, and I aim to make it as comprehensive and up to date a source as possible. However from time to time you can also enjoy Reviews, Original Features, Technical Copy and even pieces on Game Lore.

The name HEROIC was inspired by my deep love of rich storytelling, and of the fictional worlds and characters that have touched my life in very real ways. Including pieces where I delve into the lore surrounding some of these stories is my way of staying true to that inspiration.

My great hope is that HEROIC will become one of the only written publications out there where its content is influenced by its readers, so if there is a specific game or subject you’d like to see me wrestle with – speak up!

I trust that you will find my content both entertaining and informative, and if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to get in touch via the CONTACT tab. After all, nobody gets better at anything by resting on their laurels, and I’m always looking for new ways to hone my edge.

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